Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From U.S. Institutions

What kind of services does EducationUSA in Tokyo offer to U.S. institutions?

We provide several services to U. S. institutions for recruiting prospective students in Japan. Please see the " Services for U.S. Institutions "page for details.

Can we hold an information session about our institution?

We are unable to assist holding a single institution information session.
However, we can announce information sessions individually organized by institutions via our SNS.
Institutions which hold information sessions usually reserve a room or a meeting space at a hotel. We suggest that you ask your alumni or Foreign Commercial Service of the American Embassy for assistance to find venues for such sessions.
When you plan information sessions in Japan, be sure to check public holidays of Japan.

Where should we send our information (catalogue etc.) to?

Unfortunately we no longer maintain individual university catalogs in our advising center.

What are the trends of Japanese students seeking opportunities in the U.S.?

We provide a briefing on current trends of Japanese prospective students who are seeking study opportunities at U.S. institutions or who are currently studying at U.S. institutions. Please see the " Services for U.S. Institutions " page for details.

Are there any other EducationUSA centers in Japan?

Yes. There are six EducationUSA advising centers in Japan. Plase contact the individual center/personnel to make appointments.

Where can we find the information on the recognition/accreditation of schools in Japan?

To explain the accrediting system of tertiary level education in Japan, simply stated, schools can be classified into two categories by the agencies which approve them: 1. those accredited by the Ministry of Education, and 2. those accredited by the prefectural governments.

Though there are exceptions, according to school law, generally, colleges and universities which offer academic programs are usually approved/accredited by the Ministry of Education, while specialized training schools (senshu gakko) or miscellaneous schools (kakushu gakko) which offer vocational programs are approved/accredited by prefectural governments or prefectural board of education where the schools are located, depending on whether it is public or private. It is said that there are more than 3,000 specialized training schools in Japan.

Credits earned at prefecutral accredited schools are technically transferable to a degree program at colleges or universities in Japan, though the decision is entirely up to the institution to which the student transfers.

For a list of accredited Japanese schools, please referee to the MEXT website.

Is there a list of Japanese universities by field of studies??

There is a search engine for Japanese universities on JASSO(Japan Student Services Organization)'s website.


We would like to invide Japanese professors to help establishing or enhancing Japanese studies programs at our institutions in the U.S. Are there any Japanese organizations to support such initiatives?

Please contact Japan Foundation.

From Students

Information on studying in the U.S.

Regarding basic information on studying in the U.S. in English, please refer to the EducationUSA website.
Basic information for studying in the U.S. are also available in Japanese on our Japanese website.

Information on studying in Japan

We mainly provide information on how to study in the U.S., and unfortunately have limited information on studying in Japan.
If you are interested in studying at a Japanese university in Japan, JASSO(Japan Student Services Organization) provides scholarships and information on studying in Japan.


Fulbright Japan does not distribute/administer any standardized admissions tests.
Please refer to the official websites of each exam ( Directories-Test Directory ).

※ Inquires on SAT examination
Like other standardized tests, please contact College Board directly for information and inquiries regarding SAT examinations.

Test Proctor Service

We do not provide test proctor services. Please use general search engines by entering keywords such as "proctor service Japan" to look for test proctor services in Japan.